Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sniper Fire

I had some fun with photoshop...click it to enlarge

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StupidBike said...

ooooh politics, sad i found this, or glad, who knows.

The whole MESS is like American Idol, McCain has just been given a Bye to the finals.

So Aliz are you culturally or fiscally conservative. ANd do you truly believe that it is one pary right(no pun intended) and one party wrong, or that the answer lies somewhere in between?

BTW, as i advertise, I am a pinko commie, does that make me bad? (according to one of your 'good reads' (please tell me you are kidding) I am)

Creating an us vs. them, with us or against us mentality has caused great harm in our world, there are NO STATESMEN(or WOMEN) left in our world.

OK, Back to biking.