Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hang Together

"We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately"

-Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin's words are very relevant today. We sit once again at the crossroads of political change in America. Every four, or eight years we are saddled with the burden, and opportunity to elect a new President. The process drags on for months. Candidates are plenty in the early going, but one by one, they are eliminated as money and resources dry up.

This year has been unique. History, in one way or another will be made in November. But that is a secondary issue. The real question is not what sort of history will be made, but what sort of future will be set in motion.

The two remaining Democratic candidates are engulfed in a war of tunnel vision, each so focused on the other that they have lost sight of the bigger picture, and what really is at stake today in our Nation. The in-fighting will continue all the way to Denver. The party will be divided heading into November, with fresh wounds still bleeding after one or the other is eliminated.

As conservatives it is time to hang together. Or certainly will we all hang separately. A democratic presidency will do wonders in undoing progress in Iraq, progress within the Supreme Court, freedom of speech and American individual liberty in general. Both Obama and Clinton are eager to magnify a culture of dependency in America.

The America that our Founding Fathers created is not a country of victims. It is a land of opportunity, innovation, and responsibility.

If we shirk that responsibility now, then gentlemen (and ladies), let's hope we are allowed to hang together...


Micah said...

Amen. Hey Adam, you wanna "hang" out this week...

Tanya said...

Yessssss (say that like Napoleon Dynamite) Adam has finally created a political blog. Last night Mitt was interviewed on Sean Hannity and he said the democrats keep arguing about who has more experience with homeland security, the economy etc. Mitt said that it is like two chiwawas arguing about who is the bigger dog..... you're both chiwawas. Neither candidate is remotely qualified to run this country. Mitt urged us to "hang together" as a party and that's what I intend to do.